1. Details. #WEESP

  2. Spotted someone wearing spring in autumn. #oopsie #ootd

  3. I should be in Mexico instead of in beautiful Weesp. Shall i just #breaktherules hop on a plane and make it to @charli_xcx gig tomorrow? #mexicanlivinginthenetherlands #thestruggle

  4. This happens while you listen to Mariah. #WEESP

  5. Por que levantar una pata al hacer pipi es muy mainstream. #hipsterzeus

  6. Another successful zorrority sisters council meeting.

  7. Aún se usa? #shareacokewith

  8. I am never growing up.

  10. Home is where the heart is, for real, there is a heart painted on the corner of my street.

  11. This is what dreams are made of.

  12. Weesp

  15. shinyredonix:


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